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If any of the following sounds familiar, then you should consider joining the dealers at
Midway Mall.

  • My collection has gotten out of hand; it's time to liquidate and reclaim my spare bedroom and/or garage.
  • I've tried selling online.  It's risky, frustrating, time-consuming; and I don't like paying the auction fees,
    chasing down money, handling complaints and refunds, or inviting strangers to my house.
  • I need some extra cash and have a lot of nice things to sell but don't have the time or money or desire to
    run my own shop full time.
  • I inherited a bunch of stuff that I don't want but that is too good to just throw away.
  • I love to shop for great vintage things that I can't really use but just know there's a market for them.
  • My tastes have changed, and I need to sell my old treasure trove so that I can start/continue building a
    new one.
  • I've always wanted to own my own small business but want to start out with something small and see if it's
    for me.
  • I love to travel and antique and would like to be able to write off some of the expenses involved.
  • I'm retired, have an interest in antiques and collectibles, and have room in my life for like-minded friends.
  • Running my own shop takes more time and money than I ever imagined.  I want my life back!
  • I've been paying for spaces at outdoor antique shows and flea markets but am tired of the physical labor
    required, unpleasant and/or unpredictable weather conditions, bad checks, losing sales because I don't
    take all credit cards or offer layaway and delivery, and being confined to a hot (or cold) spot for 8 straight
    hours when I'd rather be out there shopping with everyone else.  Getting up and out by 4 a.m., all the
    setting up and tearing down, the packing and unpacking -- for the show, at the show, after I get back
    home -- is getting old and costly.



Midway offers its Dealers the following:

  • No work days required
  • No lease required; rental is month-to-month
  • No rent increases
  • No business license required
  • Credit card & check guarantee fees not passed on to you
  • Sales tax collected by Midway and paid by Midway
  • Open more days and holidays than any other antique mall
  • Security cameras storewide, casino quality and monitored
  • Computerized sales check-in via the Internet 24/7
  • Printed annual sales reports for your BOE filing
  • Rent-free Sale area
  • Rent-free Vintage Clothing departments
  • Rent-free Linens department
  • Rent-free annual Holiday department
  • Dealer count limited to 100 to minimize your inhouse competition
  • Onsite inventory storage space available
  • Loading dock and roll-up doors for easy inventory transfers
  • Dealer lounge and lunchroom with kitchen, lockers, free coffee
  • Inhouse reference library, repair and restoration services
  • Free onsite use of Dealer computer and printer for sales check-in
  • Painted sheetrock and/or pegboard walls provided to separate Dealer spaces
  • Paychecks issued every two weeks
  • Experienced Dealer ownership and management since 2006
  • Layaway and Delivery services offered to customers
  • Google, Yelp, and American Express favorite ratings
  • Located on busy major street in Sacramento with easy freeway access
  • Discount policies designed to maximize your profit on sales